Yellowjacket, 2020


Found objects (camera parts, watch parts, electronics, transformer wire, misc.), tinted ArtResin resin, plywood, phenolic panel, polished aluminum, epoxy, epoxy clay, fiberglass, hardware

• Artwork: 20 x 10 x 3 in (50.8 x 25.4 x 7.62 cm)
• With Frame: 20.625 x 10.625 x 3 in (52.39 x 26.99 x 6.35 cm)
• $70.00 Priority domestic shipping, international shipping extra
• Warm-Grey Metal Float Frame.
CA residents pay sales tax based on zip code

This is first complete specimen exploration outside of resin, but with the same parts-density that I'm accustom to using within my cast pieces. I had to revisit this piece numerous times earlier this year trying to find creative ways to securely fasten all the interesting bits I determined this creature needed. I've reserved creating an imaginary story about this creature — there is enough to study in the detail that I believe it will create its own story in the eye of the viewer.

The wasp is made of various found objects with camera parts and older electronics making up the majority. The body is held together screws, adhesives and strategically placed metal-based epoxy, strips of fiberglass cloth and wooden supports where necessary. The head, thorax and abdomen are separate pieces, the latter two rest on a contoured base made of wood and epoxy clay; all three are bolted to the panel, through the silver aluminum plate. The aluminum is lacquered as well as the wood panel. The legs are individual pieces made of electronic bits and are coated in a thin layer of resin to secure their bits. The legs are attached with wire and setscrew collars through the panel. The wings are made of various transformer wires creating the venation of the wings. They are coated in several coats of tinted ArtResin brand resin and are individually screwed to the thorax. The back is covered with a black, acid free, mat board. If it is ever damaged individual parts can be removed for repair. I would suggest only dusting this piece with a can of spray-air. Keep harsh chemicals off of the lacquered surfaces and the wasp itself.

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• Comes with certificate of authenticity.

All images, concepts, artwork and content ©2020 Lex Talkington. All Rights Reserved.


All images, concepts, artwork and content ©2020 Lex Talkington. All Rights Reserved.