Lex Talkington March 2021 Art Release Info

Singup for this release is full!

This body of work (17 pieces) will be for sale to those that manage to signup for this sale. The signup form will be available Thursday, March 25th at 7:00am PDT here: www.lextalkingtonart.com/mar21/signup. There will be 16 total spots for this release. See the detailed signup instructions below. The signup form will deactivate when the signup list is full.

After this March 2021 release, I plan to take a pause from these larger signup sales to sell pieces individually as I make them. I may place some pieces for sale on my Etsy shop as I finish them in sets of 4-6 pieces. Later this year I hope to set up a store on my regular website if it makes sense to do so.

Sales Process

After the signup list is full, I will email everyone on the list with your position. I then go down the list, in order, and email you when it is your turn to select a piece from the remaining, available pieces. As I go down the list I will place the current position being served at the top of the preview page and will mark pieces as sold. You can check the preview page from time to time to see what remains available, just refresh the page.

This is a first-come, first-serve sale. For this release, I am limiting selections to 1 piece per person. If pieces remain after I get through the list, I will circle back through the list again if would like to select a second piece. I'll ask in the email for you to let me know in advance if you'd like a second piece. This way I do not hassle those that only wanted a single piece.

I try to give each person a reasonable amount of time to make a selection; if you are further down the list you may not hear from me for a few days as I work with those preceding you.

For this release, I will be going through the entire list recording your selections and marking things as sold prior completing the invoicing, packing and shipping estimates. This way I can focus on questions and the transactions for everyone before actually packing everything. If you do need your piece shipped ASAP because it is a gift for example, just let me know and we'll make it happen. See more information about payments, VAT, taxes, and shipping below.

Can I preview the artwork and prices?
Yes, the preview and prices are posted here: www.lextalkingtonart.com/mar21/preview.

I want to order something custom or a commission!
Unfortunately, my commission / special request time is currently booked. I will announce on my social media and email list when commissions are back open. I will probably do another signup list for these in the future.

I am on the list, but the piece I wanted already sold?
Unfortunately, I will not be offering to move people to a future list.

Can you email me about future lists and releases?
Yes! I have a group email list that you can signup for here: www.lextalkingtonart.com/email-updates/ I also make these announcements on my Instagram (@lextalkington) and Facebook accounts

Payments, Shipping, & Tax

Domestic Purchases:
I generate PayPal invoices that are emailed to you directly from PayPal. You can follow the link in the email to pay by credit card or with your PayPal Account. You do NOT need a PayPal Account to pay by credit card. I also accept Venmo and will accept a U.S. check, please ask for instructions.

I will need to verify your shipping address before selling art to you.

Not all pieces include shipping in their prices. Please see the description for each individual piece.

All domestic packages ship through USPS priority with insurance. I will provide tracking numbers via email or they will be emailed from PayPal.

Pieces ship when paid in full.

California residents are charged sales tax based on the zipcode I ship to.

International Purchases
I generate PayPal invoices that are emailed to you directly from PayPal. You can follow the link in the email to pay by credit card or with your PayPal Account. You do NOT need a PayPal Account to pay by credit card. I also accept Venmo, please ask for instructions.

Some international orders may be sold through my Etsy account if I determine that Etsy can better handle the transaction.

International buyers are responsible for all VAT, duties and any other taxes based on the exact purchase price of the artwork. Know that a number of countries can charge 25% in these taxes. I ship all sculptures using the HST code 9703.00.0000 which you may use to look-up fees in your country.

International orders TO FRANCE will ship with DHL only. It is quite expensive to ship with DHL to France, but I have never had a problem using them. I have had multiple USPS packages returned and two pieces heavily damaged, and then lost in France. I will only use DHL when shipping here.

Other international orders may ship via USPS Priority Express or DHL.

I now ship to areas in Mexico and South America using DHL! I will need to verify your shipping address before selling art to you. Depending on the size of the piece, please know that shipping to Brazil could cost between $450.00 and $700.00 USD or more for larger pieces. Shipping to Mexico would range from $220.00 - $350.00 or more.

In most cases the artwork is removed from the frame or base before shipping. Instructions to mount the cast artwork are included in the box or I will happily walk you through assembly. Please read all instructions before fully unpacking the artwork.

Signup Instructions

  • Signup opens Thursday, March 25th at 7:00am PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).
  • Use a personal computer versus a mobile device if you can.
  • The signup form will be available on this page: https://www.lextalkingtonart.com/mar21/signup/ and will remain open until it is full.
  • This signup form only contains a submit button and an area to enter (or paste) your email address.
  • I recommend loading the signup page some time before 7:00am PDT and have your email address copied into your clipboard.
  • You will need to refresh that signup page at 7:00am PDT to force the signup form to appear on the page. The form will not automatically appear on the page when I activate it, you have to refresh that page!
  • I recommend to continue refreshing the browser window starting at 6:59:40am PDT. Eventually you will see the email address field appear. Select the email address field and paste in your email address then click the submit button. I personally, manually activate the signup form so it may activate a few seconds directly afer 7:00am PDT.
  • If your email was successfully submitted, you should receive a message notifying this.
  • Some signups have filled up within seconds, other signups have taken hours before the signup list was full — know that when it is full, I will add message to this page and others noting the signup is full.
  • Only after the list is full will I email everyone that made the list with further instructions and their positions. I may send a followup email from my gmail account because my info@ email tends to end up in spam folders.
  • If there are many signups at the same time and the list fills up quickly, I can't predict exactly what you may see when attempting to submit your email address. The email addresses automatically go into a database when accepted. When the predetermined submission limit is met, I received no other email addresses through the form. In other words, if your email address did not get into the database, it is not on the list despite whatever form functionality you experienced.
  • If there are any website or associated technology issues or anomalies with the signup process, I retain the right to delete all email addresses from the sign and then reschedule the signup when the issues have been repaired. .
  • The images below describe the signup process.
Signup Instructions 0 Signup Instructions 1 Signup Instructions 2 Signup Instructions 3 Signup Instructions 4 Timezone Offset by timeanddate dot com