Canopy Hopper Beetle, 2020


LED Illuminated. Found objects (watch parts, electronics, camera parts, transformer wire), urethane resin, wood, acrylic, nylon, delrin, aluminum, LEDs, copper & brass hardware.
Batteries not included (3x AA).
Size: 7 x 3.25 x 4 in (17.78 x 8.25 x 10.16 cm) HxWxD
Shipping: Domestic included, international shipping extra.
CA residents pay Sales Tax based on zip code

Thought to have lived in the highest parts of the forest canopies, this creature would jump from branch to branch in seek of nectar. The nectar, once broken down, is used to power its biobattery.

• This specimen loosely resembles beetles from the genus Hyboptera genus.
• The small, thin red part running the length of the back is the second hand from a watch (interesting note).
• Requires 3 AA batteries, they simply install in the back. • The LED light and switch is a separate unit from the beetle. They simply sit back to back — the LED lights were a bit of a retrofit after mounting this creature.
• The top, white bar contains a ball switch that activates the LEDs when it is lowered. This is a sensitive switch — you'll most likely see the LEDs blink when moving this piece around.'
• The center, back yellow LED fades in and out.
• The LEDs are only visible in very low light (this is not a lamp.)
• This is not a toy and should be considered fragile.
• Please do not leave unattended when lit.
• The cast insect is susceptible to fingerprints and may have slight surface imperfections. The cast piece can be cleaned with a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth.
• Is this perfectly machine-crafted? No - slight imperfections will allow you to recognize this is all handmade and one-of-a-kind.
• Comes with certificate of authenticity.

All images, concepts, artwork and content ©2020 Lex Talkington. All Rights Reserved.


All images, concepts, artwork and content ©2020 Lex Talkington. All Rights Reserved.