Lex Talkington December 2020 Art Release Info

Signup Process
The signup for this release is full!. There will be 15 (I added one open spot so it is now 16) total spots on the list for this release. Please note the last signup list filled up within seconds so you have to be quick when signing up! The signup form will auto-close when the list is full. When the signup is full, I will email each of you individually to let you know your position.

Sales Process
I go down the list, top to bottom, and will email you to offer 1 selection from all the remaining, available pieces. I do give each person up to 24 hours to make a selection; if you are further down the list you may not hear from me for a few days as I am working with the people preceding you. After going through the entire list, any remaining pieces will be run back through the list if anyone wants an additional piece. Any unsold pieces will become available on Etsy after the release. Next Friday, Dec 19th, is the last day for me to ship domestic priority with the hopes of the package arriving by Christmas. Obviously I can't guarantee delivery by Christmas this late in the game — I apologize for getting a bit off track this year and having this release so close to the holidays. In lieu of this, I am offering to set up a specific page on my website with the photos of the gift-in-transit along with any message you'd like me to post there; you could then share this link to whomever is to receive the gift.

Can I preview the artwork and prices?
Yes, the preview and prices are posted here: www.lextalkingtonart.com/dec20/preview.

I want to order something custom or a commission!
Unfortunately, my commission / special request time is currently booked. I will announce on my social media and email list when commissions are back open. I will probably do another signup list for these in the future.

I am on the list, but the piece I wanted already sold?
Unfortunately, I will not be offering to move people to a future list.

Can you email me about future lists and releases?
Yes! I have a group email list that you can signup for here: www.lextalkingtonart.com/email-updates/ I also make these announcements on my Instagram (@lextalkington) and Facebook accounts

Accepted Payments

I will need to verify your shipping address before selling art to you.

Pieces ship when paid in full.

CA Residents will be charged sales tax based on your zipcode.

Domestic Purchases:
I normally email a PayPal invoice from which you can pay by credit card. I also accept Venmo and will accept a U.S. check.

International Purchases
Some international orders may be sold through my Etsy account if I determine that Etsy can better handle the transaction. All other foreign transactions will be done via PayPal invoice which I'll email to you. Internatal orders may ship via USPS or DHL.


Domestic Shipping
Not all pieces include shipping in their prices. Please see the description for each individual piece. All domestic shipping goes through USPS and is shipped insured priority. I will provide tracking numbers via email.

International Shipping
I now ship to areas in Mexico and South America using DHL! I will need to verify your shipping address before selling art to you. Depending on the size of the piece, please know that shipping to Brazil could cost between $335.00 and $515.00 USD or more for larger pieces. Shipping to Mexico would range from $135.00 - $190.00 or more; this is similar to shipping to Europe.

In some cases, the artwork is removed from the frame or base before shipping. Instructions to mount the fossil tile are included in the box or I will happily walk you through assembly. Please read all instructions before fully unpacking the artwork.