Lex Talkington explores the use of found objects combined with modern technology, woodworking, and metalworking to create static, kinetic, and interactive sculpture. Gravitating towards engineered, mechanical found objects, Lex’s work blends the dichotomy of old and new into highly crafted, sometimes surreal, objects. His work exposes and celebrates the complexity, curiosity, and aesthetic of man-made, finely crafted systems that each have a story to tell. Lex’s work is influenced by cubism, constructivism, early 20th century design, science, technology and the smaller parts of the natural world. These influences are often reflected in clean lines, palette, detail, meticulous arrangements, and aesthetics ranging from scientific to abstract-organic. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and additional years of software engineering experience, Lex applies these skills in inventive ways to create experiential artwork.

From The Artist

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My art aims to perpetuate curiosity — that mesmerizing feeling of ‘I need to look closer, I need to understand.’ I have always been fascinated by the construction of machines and electronics, both how they are made and how different parts can work together as a single system, similar to living organisms. My work grows from that innate curiosity to deconstruct the constructed and re-purpose the parts into completely new experiences. The found objects I use are stripped down to the very last screw and these raw ingredients are then brought back to life organically. The shapes, mechanics, patina, and textures of the past evolve from the objects they once were into new, complete systems, organisms, and experiences.

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